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Switchgear Manufacturing

Control & Automation Design

In 2014, we moved all our control systems design to ePlan P8 to allow us to create our electrical designs in an efficient manner with access to a comprehensive on-line catalogue of manufacturers parts and macros. Producing the electrical schematics with ePlan allows us to create panel designs and layouts and the creation of project/manufacturing reports such as terminal layouts, cable reports and bills of materials from the electrical schematic design.

We recently added the Pro Panel add-on to allow us to produce our panel layouts in 3D in addition to the standard 2D of P8.


ePlan P8 and Pro Panel design which allows for rapid development of electrical schematics.


Manufacture and assembly of each panel to ensure safe reliable operation and ease of maintenance.


Inspection and testing of our panels throughout the design and build process demanding only the highest standards.


Our 1.2-acre secure manufacturing site is perfectly situated close to the M4 corridor giving us direct and easy access across the UK. With our large manufacturing facility and yard space, we are able to work and distribute large containerised solutions for our customers that are bespoke and easily distributed across the globe.

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